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AIV Questionable Activity Alert System

The AIV Alert System sends email alerts of questionable activities to registered users, such as general managers, supervisors, and operation managers. No separate application required to access alerts.

Drawer opens
Cash refunds
T-Reds before - after
POS overrings
Manager Meals
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QSR Security Integrated

Users can access AIV Questionable Activity videos over the QSR Security web page.

No need to use any third-party application
Control everything by using the admin configuration panel
Alert videos contain receipt details and all activity information
Secure high-speed streaming cloud-based system
Access to activity videos is not dependent on the store's connection speed

Suspicious Overnight Sales Alert System

AIV System keeps track of cars in the drive-thru and transactions in the POS system. To achieve this functionality, 3 to 5 LPR cameras (License Plate Recognition) are used in the drive-thru and AIV AI-powered Car Tracking software.

  • Car Tracking
  • Reports and Alerts
  • 7/24 Access with Nighttime Focus
  • Store and Drive Thru Analysis
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    Car Count System

    Licence Plate Recognition
    Drive-Thru Car Counting
    No Additional Equipment
    %99 Accuracy with AIV AI-powered Software