About Us


About Us

What is AI Vision System?

AI Vision is a McDonald’s specific computer-based surveillance software that is integrated with POS & QSR. Its actual focus is loss prevention and improving the overall number of McDonald’s stores. One of the biggest customers is Retzer Resources and AI Vision is operating in over 60 Retzer Resources restaurants.

Our Success

  • QSR Security Integrated
  • AIV Questionable Activity Alert System
  • Suspicious Overnight Sales Alert System
  • Car Count System

Technical Specifications

• Capable of handling up to 64 IP cameras

• Voice back cameras (Especially for cash and present windows)

• Intercom cameras (Especially for offices and kitchens)

• LPR cameras (License Plate Recognition)

• PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)

• Hard Drive options (Calculation based on 24 cameras)

- Impressive storage data times prevent losing insurance claims:

  • 8 TB storage option for up to 4 months
  • 16 TB storage option for up to 10 months
  • 24 TB storage option for up to 16 months
  • 32 TB storage option for up to 22 months
  • • 2 years warranty for recording server

    • 1-year warranty for cameras

    • Web Server to serve web requests

    • Cloud API Server to serve for JSON-based API requests.

    • Cloud Storage Server-Offline recording when local server is down

    • Extra Monitoring (Up to 12 monitors / 48 cameras)

    • Auto Offline Camera reporting (SMS/Email to registered users)

    • Auto Offline Store reporting (SMS/Email to registered users)

    • POS Integrated

    • QSR Security Integrated

    • Questionable Activity Alert System (Cloud-based, Email to registered users)

    • Suspicious Overnight Sales Alert System (Cloud-based, Email to registered users)

    • Car Count System

    • AIV PC Application (Windows)

    • AIV Mobile Applications (IOS/Android)

    • Overall System Health Cockpit

    • Overall User Management System (Windows/IOS/Android/Questionable Activity Users)

    • Help Desk for server and camera issues

    • Open to development for future new projects